Price Guide

A guide to our prices and what’s included

Beulah Lodge Rest Home Prices


Our current weekly fees range from £1,250 to £1,650 per week.

Fees are based upon current market rates and are priced competitively within the local area.  We currently retain a contract with Kent County Council.  For further details about vacancies, please contact the Manager on 01892 548447.

What’s included:

  • Rooms: All of our rooms are distinctive in size and décor. They’re furnished with a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, side table, television and chair. Curtains or blinds are also supplied, as well as towels and bedding. Your own furniture can be agreed in advance with the management team. If you require any specific bedding, this may have to be purchased at an additional cost.
  • Utilities: Lighting, heating and hot water, laundry and cleaning of your room are all included.
  • Meals: All meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, a daily snack and drinks. Menus are planned in advance and your meal choices taken daily.  We also cater for dietary requirements, however, there may be occasions when there is an additional charge.
  • Personal care, medication and care planning: we supply 24-hour care which is included within your fees. However, if you require enhanced care this may result in additional charges. Any additional charges will be agreed in advance before becoming payable.
  • Activities:we arrange a variety of in-house weekly activities, including music and movement, exercise and bingo.


What’s Not included:

Please note the home uses a “pocket money pouch” system which is operated by the management team and can be used for some of the additional charges listed below:


  • Electrical Devices: Electrical devices are not provided for individual rooms and should be purchased separately.
  • Telephone: There are sufficient lines that can be installed into individual rooms. BT should be contacted to connect/transfer existing telephone lines.  BT will advise of the current cost at that time of contact.
  • Dentist: You can either visit the dentist’s practice or we will arrange for a dentist to visit the Home. The dentist’s fees should be paid directly.
  • Hairdressing: We have a hairdresser who visits the home once a week. The hairdresser can be paid directly or from the home’s pocket money pouch system.
  • Personal items: Each resident will have a Keyworker who will help making sure personal items such as toiletries, snacks, cards, etc.
  • Newspapers/magazines: We can arrange for our local newsagent to deliver to these items to the home. 
  • Appointments and escorts: Upon request, and depending upon staff availability, you may require a member of staff to accompany you to private appointments. Additional charges may be payable in these circumstances and the applicable charge(s) will be agreed with you in advance.  The home will issue you with an invoice for the agreed cost.
  • Outings and activities: From time to time, we arrange optional outings and other activities. 
  • Specialist equipment: There may be times when specialist equipment is used to assist with your care.  You will be notified of the cost if applicable.

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